What To See In Thailand

Visiting Thailand – What to See in Thailand

There are many things to see and do in Thailand, you are only limited by your imagination and your desires. Throughout the Kingdom of Thailand, there are festivals, events and activities organized by both government and private individuals. Thailand also has many unique sights and attractions that are a sheer joy to experience.

You can see Thailand by exploring on your own or with some friends or you can take out a package deal or a tour to have a more guided experience where you may feel more relaxed and safe.

Country of festivals

Thailand has many festivals and events throughout the year. From traditional to modern performing arts, music, concerts, theater all the way to photography, art collections, religious and spiritual parades and events, fairs and sports exhibitions.

For example in November there is the annual Sukhothai Loi Krathong and Candle Festival. Tourists and locals light candles in remembrance of one of their greatest heroes. For the more modern minded tourist, there is the Fringe Festival which features many international artists of many different musical backgrounds.

There is also the Thailand Ghost Festival which is usually held during June. It has to do with a Buddhist holiday which falls at the same time, but consists of the locals and of course tourists dressing up as ghosts, wearing hand-carved wooden masks and dancing in the streets.

Food celebrations

Not only are there cultural and religious festivals, but also festivals to do with food. The annual Surat Food Fair is held in March and showcases much local food, fresh seafood, food exhibitions and various concerts and other forms of entertainment. You can try out all the delicious delicacies from the Surat province or even from all over Thailand at this fair.

Religious events

Thailand is also full of many religious festivals and events that take place throughout the year. Thailand is almost entirely a Buddhist nation and for this reason their festivals revolve around Buddhist traditions and spiritual events.

The most famous of these events is the Phra Nakhon Khiri Fair which venerates the former Kings of Thailand and worships in the city shrine in Phetchaburi. There are also processions, city tours by tram and even a beauty pageant.

Buddha was said to have visited Thailand and every year in January the people of Chanthaburi pay homage to his footprint. Thailand also has a very large Chinese population and for this reason every year in February (at the Chinese new year), China town in Yaowarat explodes into color, lights and fireworks. You can see Thai-Chinese performances such as puppet shows, Chinese opera, Thai dancing, a light and sound presentation and even a dragon dance.

Tours and packages

You can see all of this either by yourself, with a few friends or by booking a tour and a package. There are many different ones available – you can take for example a historical package which gives you a guide or a spa and relaxation package. The options are nearly endless.

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