Want to Sell More Goods and Services on the Internet? Then Become A Movie Director

What? What does Internet Marketing have to do with producing a movie? Everything, really.

Ever since our prehistoric ancestors gathered around fires and weaved the first tales, humans have always loved stories. If you take a moment to think about it, movies are nothing more than stories….which explains their appeal.

So how does that apply to you, the copywriter or Internet marketer?

By using the power of words you paint a visual picture or mental movie inside your customers mind. Get him to see himself using and benefiting from your product. You can also paint this picture in his mind when he reads of how others have benefited from your product or service. After all, don’t you like reading stories of others who are in a similar situation/problem and how they resolved it?

But there is an art to this form of story telling, because unlike the fiction writer, you are not writing merely to entertain but to convince, persuade and ultimately sell. Tell your story poorly and you’ll turn the prospect off completely. Do it well and you’ll have the customer practically begging you to take his money.

Here’s a great example of painting a picture with words. It’s from the International Living Letter.

You look out of your window, past your gardener, who is busily pruning the lemon, cherry, and fig trees….amidst the splendor of gardenias, hibiscus, and hollyhocks.

The sea is blue. The sky is a deeper blue, sparkling with sunlight.

A gentle breeze comes drifting in from the ocean, clean and refreshing, as your maid brings you breakfast in bed.

See how powerful that is? Didn’t you just picture that pleasant little scene in your mind? By the way, this powerful little excerpt that I quoted above comes from The International Living salesletter. This letter is responsible for millions of dollars in revenue for International Living and was unbeaten as control for many years.

You can find the entire salesletter in The Hall of Fame book. This is a collection of 50 of the best salesletters of all time. It’s part of the AWAI Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting.


I would highly recommend that you read this letter several times out loud to absorb the flow and style. An even better idea is to write the entire salesletter by hand. This is a powerful way to absorb the cadence and rhythm as well as the structure of good salescopy.

Source by Sadiyya Seedat

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