Throw a Delightful Kid's Spy Theme Party!

A spy party is a great one for boys and girls alike …

Send Spy Party Invitations with a Poem:

"Detective, spy … Private eye

Can you figure out the clue?

Mystery … Come and see

A birthday party for – guess who? "

Spy Party Dress Code

  • Ask Party goers to dress in black and wear sunglasses.
  • Call everyone by his / her code number (use the last 4 digits of the child's phone number)
  • Come up with an Organization name … "Robert International Spy School" ("RISS")
  • "Robert Bureau of Investigation" ("RBI") or the "R-7" (If Robbie is turning 7)

Spy Party Invitations

  • Try writing the invitations backward (read with a mirror).
  • The birthday child could deliver the invites door-to-door (ring the bell then run and hide) so receiving the invite is more mysterious.
  • Come up with an Organization name … "Robert International Spy School" ("RISS") "Robert Bureau of Investigation" ("RBI") or "R-7" (If Robbie is turning 7)

Spy Party Decorations

  • Add chalked body outlines outside (on pavement / sidewalk) for an interesting touch
  • Tape maps and different country flags to the wall.
  • Print out the "foot prints" and stick them to the walls / ceiling with painter's tape.

Bomb Prop

  • A "bomb" can be made out of a piece of plasticine with old wires sticking out of it and bits and pieces of metal stuck to the plasticine, then put in a box, stick in a flashlight, bike light, egg timer … anything.
  • Have the aim of your treasure hunt be finding the secret "diffuse the bomb" directions (use an oven timer / alarm clock / ipod to count down the time).

Believe it or not the CIA has a kid's page on their website that has Games (!)

Spy Academy

  • Put your guests through a Series of "Tests" to see if they are "Spy Material"
  1. Physical tests ( a -Obstacle course, b -relay races, c -balancing contests …)
  2. Fingerprinting tests – One way to do this is make a fingerprint on a smooth surface and then lightly brush on graphite dust (rub a pencil against sandpaper to create some graphite dust). Then lift the print with some scotch tape and place the tape on a piece of card.
  3. Observation tests – Show a set of objects … then cover them and remove an object, then have the "spies" figure out which item was removed
  4. Have a volunteer (parent / neighbor / friend) burst into the room and "steal" something and ask the surprised children try to give correct eyewitness accounts (you could put them into 2 teams and the teams could battle it out)
  5. Decoding games – try close up pictures of objects printed on regular paper … or "eyeball bender" also write things out in "code" and have the children translate them).

Treasure Hunt

  • Hunts are great fun for the children – Find the "stolen" loot bags / cake / pinata / formula / bomb diffusing instructions
  • Make Invisible Ink (write in lemon juice or milk then warm the note and reveal it by placing over a warm toaster / candle … carefully)
  • Scramble the letters (if the first and last letter are not changed it is quite easy to unscramble … For example: if the fsrit and last lteter aer not canhegd it si qitue esay ot usnrcmalbe ..


  1. Cipher (make / use a cipher wheel)
  2. Rhyming clues "Stop to think … You'll find it under the __________" (sink)
  3. Eyeball benders (extreme close-up photographs of things)
  4. Pig pen Cipher
  5. Use another language as code – Russian is a good one.
  6. Morse Code
  7. Code Stick / Scytale code (cut a long narrow strip of paper and wind it around a specific stick / broom handle then write the message across the wound paper and then unwind … revealing a long strip of paper with seemingly random numbers on it! )
  8. Write Backwards (use Mirror to decipher)
  9. Use Braille
  10. Put clues into ASL (American Sign Language) pictures
  11. Block Code
  12. Reverse Alphabet (A = Z, B = Y … and so on …)
  13. Try a semaphore (Read every 2nd or 3rd, 4th, 5th letter)

Spy Party Food

  • An easy cake to make for a spy party is a "bomb cake" (round ball pan) iced black with a black licorice "fuse".
  • Serve juice and soda concoctions that are "Shaken not stirred" (Shirley temple style with cherries and lemon twists and paper umbrellas)
  • Have food taste tests
  • Fortune cookies can have new messages put into them (just replace the old messages carefully with tweezers)

Source by Colleen A Butler

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