Party Plan Selling – Taking Care of Business

There is an old adage in sales: Take care of your customers and your customers will take care of you. You need to realize there is next to nothing being sold at in-home direct sales parties that something similar can’t be purchased by going to the local mall. The after-the-sale-service is what makes the difference between having a sale and having a customer, and keep them buying from you instead of the going to the mall. Making customer care calls is a way consultant can change a sale into a customer that keeps coming back to you.

Why should a customer come to you instead of going to the mall? Service! If you sell skin care, food items, wine or any other of the multitude of consumable products that are out there – do you call your customers to see if they need more? Do you let them know when the products they like are on sale?

If you sell clothing, decorations for the home or jewelry – do you help your customers coordinate what they have and “spruce it up” with what they buy? Do you bring your products into their homes and help them make better choices? Do you help them hang things on their walls? Do you find a number of ways to wear the same outfit by changing a scarf or a piece of jewelry?

These are services we should be offering and providing our customers. Their liking something is why they buy. Our providing a service is why they come back and buy more. Taking care of our customers using customer care calls is one of the most vital aspects of our business, yet, it’s one area most consultants fail miserably in.

Why don’t we call our customers? Why is it that when we know customer care calls will cement a customer to us, we don’t make the calls? Fear! We’re afraid they’ll ask us a question we can’t answer. We’re afraid they changed their minds and want a refund. We’re afraid they’re not happy with what they bought.

So what happens if you can’t answer a question? What would you want if you asked a question and the person doesn’t know the answer? Don’t you want them to find the answer and get back to you? So does your customer. By simply saying, “I don’t know the answer but I do know where to find the answer and I’ll get back to you” resolves the problem. You’ll find the answer to most questions in your product manual. Your upline is a wealth of information, and your company’s service center is there to help you with answers. Look up the information or make a call and get back to the customer with the answer.

Refunds. Isn’t that part of being in business? Haven’t you purchased something, gotten it home and decided you didn’t like it or it doesn’t go with what you have? Doesn’t your company provide a way to refund and return products? Tell them how to return their products, or better, do it for them.

They don’t like it. There are many reasons why someone doesn’t like what they purchased. There might be a flaw in the one they received and they want to exchange it. They may not remember how to use the product they bought and need to be reminded. They may even want more of what they purchased but they don’t remember your name and have no way of contacting you.

Customer care calls are made to insure you have happy customers. The upside of making the calls is you’ll receive reorders and even bookings. You’ll have customers pleased with how you handled their problem. There are no downsides to customer care calls. So — make the calls!

Source by Ruth Fuersten

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