More Restaurant Choices in Aspen Than Ski Areas

Aspen Restaurants have Myriad Choices

The little town of Aspen sits high in the Elk Mountain range, a bit like a fine gem atop an ornate antique setting. From first glance, the town appears relatively unremarkable. Certainly Aspen has the quaint charm of an old silver mining town with authentic period architecture, surrounded by the serenity and majesty of the Colorado Rockies – but someone who had never heard of Aspen would likely not at first find the town to be the international mecca it has become. As soon as that person stepped into one of the fine Aspen restaurants, however, he would quickly realize Aspen is a truly unique community.

The thing about eating in Aspen is the fact that there are so many choices, and those choices can range from inexpensive, neighborhood bar and grills to ultra-pricey, sophisticated restaurants. The common theme is the Aspen attitude – which is friendly, welcoming, and appreciative.

Obviously, Aspen has a reputation for some pretense and elitism – and that is not entirely unfounded. The upper echelons of society make the Aspen restaurants and clubs their playground, and they expect the best. But even the most urbane and elegant locations treat every patron like royalty because the staff and management fully understand the level of service expected by all visitors to this little village.

The cuisine available at Aspen restaurants varies as widely as the international visitors who congregate here. Downtown restaurants can offer a simple, greasy cheeseburger alongside a creative recipe including uncommon and distinctive ingredients.

And aside from the wonderful food, Aspen restaurants understand ambiance. When dining in Aspen, even at a comfortable neighborhood tavern, visitors expect to be treated to an atmosphere that makes them feel exclusive – as though they are the cream of the crop. The Aspen hotels and resorts that cater to the ski crowd are fully up-to-date with modern and avant-garde decor, flattering and subtle lighting and fine music.

The dining rooms on the mountain allow spectacular views amid spectacular settings. Most of these resort restaurants also turn into chic dance clubs after the sun goes down. After parties can go on until well after midnight.

Top chefs from around the world grace the kitchens of the town’s finest eateries. The annual Food and Wine Classic in Aspen brings in culinary experts to work alongside chefs at local Aspen restaurants.

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