Great Activities For Teenagers on a Cotswold Cottage Holiday


J.B. Priestly calls it the “…most English and the least spoiled of all our country sides…” and once you’ve visited, you’re sure to agree!. Imagine hundreds of cottages made of stone, rolling hills, nature at her best, fresh air and lots of activities to keep you busy. You’re in the Cotswolds in the heart of England.

The Cotswolds is full of thatched roofs and gables… and ivy-covered houses line the streets of most of the small villages you can trek through. But although you might think the Cotswolds holds little appeal for teenagers, you’d be wrong!

First of all, take a tour of the area. Tourist centres can help you pick out the most interesting scenery for you, including the century’s old structures that date back to Roman occupation. This may sound boring, but imagine being back in those times, living during the Romantic period. Plus, it’s a ready-made history assignment!

Are you hungry? (What teenager isn’t!) There are many restaurants to choose from in the area, all with a variety of British and International foods. Every village and town has an Inn or restaurant or pub to satisfy whatever you need. The Cotswolds is a great place to sample traditional British food… from fish and chips to a full English Roast Dinner!

Need adventure? Look no further! The Cotswolds and surrounding areas can satisfy even the most daring of adventurers. In Wiltshire, check out the Actiondrome, the home of the Skid Car, where you can learn how to drive on slippery surfaces.

If that’s not enough, try the Swindon Karting Centre, where riders race around a twisting track in miniature Formula 1 cars!

Still not satisfied? Then for the ultimate thrill-seeker there is skydiving at Cirencester with the Red Devils! If free-falling out of an aircraft thousands of feet in the air sounds like the time of your life, then this is one of the best places in the country to do it!

Many teenagers love horses. And I mean LOVE horses! There are equestrian centres are all over the Cotswolds that offer everything from training for beginners to un-accompanied horseback rides. Get a proper equestrian experience with miles and miles of fantastic horseback trails.

Want to bring your dog on holiday with you? The Cotswolds are very dog-friendly… many pubs, cottages and attractions even cater especially for them! There’s no need to leave man’s best friend behind when you go on holiday… the Cotswolds is one of the most dog-friendly areas of the UK. There’s plenty of open countryside and public walkways to exercise them on too!

Did you know that nearly all of the “Harry Potter” movies were filmed on location at different locations in and around the Cotswolds? Not only that, but well over thirty Hollywood blockbusters as well as British films have been shot in the area! Check out the tourist information centres (or search online) for the locations… and even take an organised tour!

There are also quite a few strange traditions that take place in the Cotswolds. These are usually scheduled throughout the year, and they’re great fun! From Wool Sack Day, where men carry heavy sacks of wool through a course, to Cheese rolling, which is hilarious (and dangerous!)

So despite the Cotswolds’ heritage and quaint atmosphere, there are still plenty of activities, sights and experiences to keep even the most thrill-seeking teenager entertained!


Source by Anna Louise Phillips

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