Fireworks at the International Freedom Festival – One of the Must See Attractions in Detroit


Plan a trip to Detroit in the last week of June and you will be treated to one of world’s large display of fireworks. River Days is part of the International Freedom Festival and is presented by the Detroit Riverfront Conservancy. Generally, this festival comes up on the last Wednesday of June, but you should check for the exact schedule since in 2010, the event was hosted on a Monday.

The River Days celebration includes various activities on water and land covering the culture and history of Detroit. River Tours, jet-ski demos, live music, sand sculptures, tall ships, delicious eats and kids’ activities are only some of the highlights of the event.

The Windsor waterfront is the venue for the fireworks display. If you want the best from this massive event, you should reach Windsor early in the day and find an appropriate spot on the waterfront to get the best view. Remember that you would be spending the better part of the day on the waterfront waiting for the sun to set before the fireworks can begin. Go there with your family or a group so that you can baby sit your spot in turns. It is a great idea to carry adequate supply of food and the essentials.

The fireworks display is best when you watch it from the Windsor side since you have the added advantage of the reflection of the fireworks off Renaissance Center which makes it the breath-taking event drawing such a massive sea of people. On the flip side, this is an event for those who like to be in the midst of crowds. Getting back after the event will also call for loads of patience since you should expect a fair bit of traffic jams.

And, if finding a hotel/motel in Windsor is what you fancy, you should reserve your rooms weeks ahead of the event to avoid disappointment.


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