Elephant Bar in Burlingame, Restaurant Review

I know there are many Elephant Bar restaurants in California. According to their website, they have restaurants in Nevada, Colorado, and Arizona. My wife and I know at least three Elephant Bars that we occasionally visit in our area. The closest to our house is in Hayward. It is on Hesperian Boulevard in the Southland shopping mall. This is the one we eat at most. The other one is on the other side of San Francisco Bay. It is in Daly City, in the Serramonte shopping mall. Since the shopping mall is our favorite, my wife and I eat lunch or dinner whenever we happen to be there. The third one is one in Burlingame. Burlingame is the place where I first lived when I arrived in the San Francisco Bay area. It was the first Elephant Bar restaurant that I dined at.

When I was living in Burlingame and working in the office in Brisbane, I used to lunch or dine in this restaurant at least once a week. This Burlingame Elephant Bar is uniquely located. It is on the Old Bayshore Highway, running to the San Francisco International Airport. The restaurant building is facing San Francisco Bay. Park your car and walk into the restaurant. Although the lighting inside is indirect and relatively dim, the inside of the restaurant is bright during the daytime as the Californian sun shines into the dining area from the bay.

Elephant Bar is a fusion-style cuisine restaurant. They have ethnic style dishes, mostly originating from South East Asian countries, China, or Japan. They have a great variety of salad or vegetable-based dishes. My favorite is Caesar salad. My wife always takes the salad combination with fruit and crab meat. The fruit that comes with the salad varies, such as pineapples, apples, or pears. My favorite appetizer is the salmon tempura roll. My wife’s selection is always the Vietnamese shrimp spring roll. They serve fabulous steak sandwiches. Their variations of fish are excellent, including salmon steak, ahi tuna, or rainbow trout.

We like the restaurant’s selections for the lunch and dinner menus. However, there is one thing that this Burlingame Elephant Bar has that no other one does. It is the view of the San Francisco Bay. From almost all of the tables and booths, customers enjoy the view over the ocean of the San Francisco Bay during a sunny lunch time. The blue sky of Northern California is a great and relaxing view. Since the restaurant is close to the airport, customers can also enjoy the world famous parallel landing to San Francisco International Airport.

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