Declare an Exertion Against International Terrorism – The Time is Now


Apparently some international terrorist groups are using the word Jihad in the Muslim Religion as an excuse to kill innocent people and call upon the young and naïve to die in battle in the name of their cause. If these groups only understand Jihad, then perhaps it is time for the world to declare an Exertion against International Terrorism and a time for the nearly 1 Billion folks of the Islamic Faith to stand up and be counted.

If the entire Islamic Faith takes the initiative to exert the International Terrorists that give them a bad name, then the world will stand with them and a new era of peace can be born. Exerting the International Terrorists makes sense and is apropos because “exertion” and “Jihad” do indeed have the same literal meaning. So, it is fitting that the entire world join in a common cause to rid the World of International Terrorists and move as one to stop the killing of innocent life once and for all.

Declaring an exertion is fighting fire with fire and speaks to the realities of the old famous human struggle of Good VS Evil. If we do not stop International Terrorism today then tomorrow there will be nuclear weapons being used instead of small devices in back-packs and cars being used. We cannot risk the future of our Grand Children and their children on such a horrific future prospect, thus it is up to us in the present period to declare an exertion and plan a mission to make peace in this world now.


Source by Lance Winslow

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