Championship Chili Cooking


It is that time of year when bowl season is in full swing and the NFL playoffs are about to begin. It is cold outside and it hurts to go outside, so your taste buds are ripe for a steaming bowl of chili. As we appreciate the athletes that are the best of the best on the field, we suggest you also acknowledge the best of the best in the chili cooking competition world. The best thing about the Chili Cooking Championships is that they post the recipes for the yearly winners on line. That’s right, you can see their recipes and give them a try for your bowl or playoff party.

Chili Verde Recipes: These recipes from world champion chili winners are made with green chili peppers, various spices and other ingredients with the exception of beans and pasta. Beans and pasta are truly 4 letter words on the chili circuit. What we recommend is that you review the award winning recipes on the International Chili Society and then tweak to your personal or regional taste. We also think that if you are aiming to please your guest, there is nothing wrong with throwing in beans or pasta since your guest probably are not trained chili judges.

Chili Recipes: Regular Chili as defined by the International Chili Society rule book is defined as any combination of meats with red chili peppers, various spices and other ingredients and of course NO BEANS or PASTA. Our tradition has been to try on of the legendary Chili winner recipes such as the 1993 Puppy Breath Chili recipe on NFL Championship weekend.

Our suggestions:

Cook Outdoors on Equipment: Preparing these recipes takes time and should be a special event. We recommend purchasing an outdoor cooking system and using a cast iron pot to fully enjoy the wintery elements just as a championship chili cook would do.

Upgrade meat quality: As you will notice most of the award winning recipes call for tri-tip steak or sirloin tip. Do not just use your normal chea ground round, upgrade with at least some course ground meat or tri-tip steak.

Add your touch: Don’t fear throwing in beans or pasta with your chili. Sure the rules say don’t use beans or chili, but rules were meant to be broken right? Man up and make the executive decision to throw in whatever you like into the pot.

We encourage you to explore the wide world of chili cooking in the dead cold of winter. Chili cooking can be a fun addition to your outdoor cooking menu and give you a reason for the cold season. Maybe if you get serious, your recipe will be added to the World Championship list!


Source by Liam Whittington

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