Balinesse Traditional Food

Bali has many kind of traditional food which are tastefully spicy as they are remarkably varied. Balinese still keep their traditional food especially in Balinese temple ceremony, Balinese birthday otonan, Balinese wedding, or when hosting special guest. I will list some of popular Balinese Traditional Food.

1. Babi Guling (Suckling Pig)

Suckling pis if very famous in Bali, almost every Balinese favorite. Suckling pis is full body roasted with variety of spices. Usually prepared for temple ceremony, Galungan Day, or Balinese Ceremony. However Balinese often keep pigs behind the house, feeding on food scraps, for that important time when they will be killed and eaten. If you think Suckling Pig in Bali is exclusively Balinese traditional food that can only be found in Bali, you are totally wrong, because I found a list that Balinese suckling pig is already International Food (Esquire October 2007 edition, page 72) and one of my favorite Suckling Pig warung in Ubud called Bu OKA list on it.

2. Ayam Betutu

Ayam betutu is chicken with Balinese spice mixture, the spices consist of coconut oil, turmeric, ginger, nutmeg, onion, garlic, cassava or salam leaves, a chilies. All the spices are mixed and put with the chicken. Ayam betutu is also served in Balinese ceremonies such as otonan, odalan, or wedding ceremonies. Ayam betutu served with side dishes for example crispy-fried peanuts and plecing kankung ( water spinach with hot chili sauce). First Ayam betutu is very popular in Gilimanuk ( a lot of restaurant served ayam betutu ) but now on Ayam betutu could find in everywhere.

3. Jukut Ares

Is made by banana tree mixed with pork ribs, and meat, usually the colors is dark yellow. Usually jukut ares is a side dishes of suckling pig, it’s kind of small bowl of soup. The taste is spicy, and Ares is cut until very small pieces and mixed with variety spices.

4. Jukut Urab

Jukut arab is a mixed vegetables of bean sprout, coconut, long bean, and no meat at all. Sometime Balinese add brown sugar to have some sweet taste and they always put some chili to make a little bit spicy.

5. Pepes

Pepes is a seafood (it could be fish or prawn for main ingredient) wrapped with coconut leaf and grilled in a few minutes. Pepes usually found in Klungkung area, they are famous with their special Balinese traditional seafood cooking. Named of area that sell variety of Balinese Traditional seafood such as Pepes, Sate lilit ( fish satay mix with coconut ), fish soup, is called Pesinggahan, located near Goa Lawah tourism object in Klungkung Regency.

6. Tum

Tum is almost similar with Pepes, but the way to cook is different, if Pepes grilled for few minutes, Tum is steamed for few minutes. Tum usually combines from chopped pork or chicken, spices, and young jack fruit. But now on Tum could be more variety, such as for vegetarian, there is Tum made by mushrooms or vegetables only. Tum could be found easy in any traditional market or Balinese traditional warung.

7. Urutan (Balinese Sausages)

Urutan or Balinese Sausages usually found in Suckling Pig warung. It made from pork intestines stuffed with pork meat and spices. Urutan fried until it is brownish yellow. The surface of Urutan is not smooth as western sausages since it contains chunks of meat and fat.

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