Arts Festival in Oklahoma City


Arts festival in Oklahoma City is a great opportunity for people of all ages to engage their senses in exciting festival experience. The occasion offers a unique treat with a rich blend of visual, performing and culinary arts, and cultures from all around the nation. Numerous live performances staged at this place add to the festive mood of this event. Visual artists from different destinations come together, present their unique performances and make the event lively.

OKC Arts Festival – a Time for Exciting Entertainment

OKC arts festival provides great entertainment options for both adults and children. From face painting and pottery making to poster artwork opportunities are open for the kids to enjoy. Adults can enjoy a wonderful shopping experience at the exciting shopping centers. The “Young-At-Art Mart” is a popular art shopping venue exclusively for children.

Delicious Food Flavors to Tickle Your Taste Buds

While providing the opportunity to appreciate different visual art forms, arts festival in Oklahoma City also gives visitors a chance to relish a range of culinary delights. Numerous vendors’ booths and food carts are in and around the place offering both traditional and international flavors for the visitors. Coyote Chicken Sandwich, strawberries Newport, Baja Tacos, Indian Tacos, Tequila Bread Pudding and Upper Crust Upside-Down Pizza are the popular dishes offered.

Be a Part of the Great Event

Oklahoma City festival of arts has a rich history of more than 43 years. Stage Center, Festival Plaza and the Myriad Botanical Gardens are the common platforms on which the event takes place every year. This year, it is the 44th anniversary of this great event. The event started on April 20th and runs through April 25th. It is a great celebration that lasts for 6 days.

If you’re looking forward to partaking in this wonderful arts festival in Oklahoma City, arrange comfortable accommodation in the cozy hotels of this place and enjoy your holidays to the fullest.


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